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Archive for November 2010

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Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" will be shot with 30 Red Epics in 3d!

Early this morning, Jim Jannard dropped the bomb on with news that Peter Jackson's upcoming epic will be shot on EPIC. At least 30 Red Epics will be used to shoot Peter Jackson's two film adaptation of "The Hobbit." In another post, Jim mentioned how fast things have come along for RED. 5 years ago, Jim made... Read more

Red Epic Camera - Top Ten Questions - Reducation Promo - Ted Schilowitz & Tonaci Tran

Fresh off of the Asia Red Epic Tour, Ted Schilowitz and Tonaci Tran get together in Vietnam to talk about the Red Epic camera and upcoming Reducation classes.

Asia Red Epic Camera Tour 2010 - Vietnam - Behind The Scenes w/ Ted Schilowitz

Ted Schilowitz is currently doing the Asia Red Epic Tour and has stopped by Vietnam to bring the first Epic to this part of the world. This video contains some random iphone/clips we recorded during Ted's visit. Enjoy!!


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