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Author: Tonaci Tran


Red Swat Rail LCD Arm Setup

I consider this the ULTIMATE lcd arm. Noga arms have kept me going for the past 4 years since I have owned my Reds, but I always wanted something more solid. Something less prone to slumping over. Enter Red's line of SWAT RAIL ACCESSORIES. Read more

Red Gunner Handheld System Review

Red Gunner Review - Click for more details. Read more

Red Scarlet X - First Review & Impressions Part I

I am currently a filmmaker and camera rental house co-owner (with my wife) of Tonaci Digital. To date, in the course of four years, Tonaci Digital has provided cameras and services for over 22 "Shot On Red" films. I personally have worked in the field on over 16 feature films in various capacities: as second Unit Director, Camera Operator, Digital Imaging Technician, and Red Camera Supervisor. Read more

Red Epic Wedding Trailer #002 - Shanna & James

Our second Red Epic wedding shoot. Click for more details. Read more