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Red Epic Wedding Trailer #002 - Shanna & James

Our second Red Epic wedding shoot. Click for more details. Read more

Red Epic Feature Film - Blood Letter "Thiên Menh Anh Hùng" Teaser Trailer

I am extremely proud to share that we are just days away from wrapping Vietnam's very first feature film shot with the Red Epic. My rental company provided the camera assistant/technician crew and cameras for the film. Much love goes to everyone involved in the production. Read more

World's Highest Resolution Wedding Video Shot on Red Epic

Thanks to RED, the line between still photography and videography has been OBLITERATED. The wedding trailer you see above was shot entirely (99%) at 5K from 24fps all the way up 120fps. There was only one shot during the entire wedding where we went "down" to 2k to shoot 300fps of the water fountain. The fact that any frame in this entire video can be pulled as a 14 megapixel (5120x2160) hi res still that you can print a billboard size photo out of is MIND BLOWING. Read more
May 30, 2011 Posted by admin in RED EPIC

Downtown San Diego - Red Epic 5k @ 1fps Cloud Timelapse Teaser