Ted Schilowitz + Tonaci Tran It was a blast getting to hang out with Ted Schilowitz a day before the big NAB festivities. This was my third time interviewing Ted at NAB. The first time was on the steps of the Tropicana during NAB 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f595rUo-BRA.

My how time flies!! Anyways, keeping in line with our traditional guerrilla style iphone shooting, Justin O'Neill, Ivan Agerton and I jumped on board a taxi to talk to Ted about his thoughts about the upcoming show at NAB 2012. You can view our video HERE.

In the video, Ted discusses how Red has been pushing 4k since 2007/2008. With Canon, Panasonic and Sony now finally jumping into the 4K ring, the writing is on the wall for 1080p. To each their own, but I think anyone investing heavily into a 1080p camera is making a grave mistake. Furthermore, if everyone else is finally doing 4k, you can't help but wonder what RED is currently working on behind closed doors.


David Mullen Next up was the Reduser "My World is in 4K" pre-nab party hosted by Light Iron at the Tropicana. Light Iron and the Reduser team did an amazing job with the event. I loved all the 4k displays sprinkled throughout the pool area of the Tropicana. For the main event of the night, they had a 4k projector set up that showcased a montage of the 4k submissions, a special message from Ridley Scott about "LOOM" and a screening of the winner of the 4k contest. Congrats to fellow Redusers: Kenny Mosher (1st place), Micheal Millichamp (2nd) and Brandon Lippard (3rd)! I loved the speeches by Michael, Ted and Jim. When this dream team talks, you can't help but get excited about digital cinema. The surprise treat of the night was a video of Ridley Scott introducing LOOM and sharing his thoughts about 3d and where he sees the future of cinema heading. He stressed the need to "up the game" when it comes to entertainment and improving the whole "movie experience." As the event was winding down, I got a chance to catch up with both familiar and new faces. I ran into one of my favorite contributors to Reduser, David Mullen. David just came back from working on "SMASH" in New York and had time to make a pitstop in Vegas before returning home to LA. I first met David when I provided Red Epics for feature film "Big Sur" he shot last year. It was really awesome catching up with all the other Redusers in person. Sure, some of us are crazy (Josh Beadle!! hehe) but that is what makes our community so amazing. All in all, a really fun night. Michael, if you are reading this... please do it again next year! *Check out more photos by Reduser Josh Beadle HERE.


Ridley Scott Presents: LOOM The RED booth is definitely where you want to be the first day of NAB. The photo above shows the calm before the storm. I was fortunate enough to be the first in line to see the screening of LOOM. This wasn't "just" another screening. Massive technological developments from RED were simultaneously at work here. Red's new prototype projector displaying red ray footage shot on Epics with 3ality Technica stereo rigs. I remember back when Red had to be reliant on Sony 4k projectors. It is so awesome that RED now has their own 4k projector to complete the 4k eco-system. Since the projector was in early alpha/beta mode, we were watching it in 2k (which still looked freakin amazing!). Jim mentioned that 4k (per eye) output needed some tweaking and possibly could be enabled by the end of the show. 4k 3D projector for $10,000? This is huge. I want one. :-) Loom was really impressive. Presented by Ridley Scott, directed by his son Luke Scot, Dp'd by Darius Wolski, produced by Jim and Jarred and starring Giovanni Ribisi (I got a photo op with Giovanni!) and Jellybean Howie. Side note - fun fact. Giovanni owns an Epic! Back to the film, the stereo 3d in the film is definitely some of the best I have ever seen and was enjoyable to watch. It was easy on the eyes and very immersive. The low light scenes looked uber clean. I came away with new excitement and hope for 3d. I definitely can't wait to see Prometheus in the theaters. The only inconvenience for me, was that the 3d glasses didn't stack nicely on my Oakley prescription glasses hehe. I asked Ted if LOOM would be available online and he said at some point it likely will be.


Red Meizler Module I took this shot of the Red Meizler module inside the 3ality Technica booth. I didn't notice this until after downloaded the pic, but it looks like there is a cool extension interface for the Redmote which gives direct connectivity to the Epic. In other words, the Redmote is not simply just getting charged, but is also connected through the pins for direct communication. The pic below shows the interface without the Redmote mounted. I LOVE how the Meizler module gets rid of all the "spaghetti" that plagues most studio setups. Red Meizler Module The new Red wheels felt really good and rugged. The rubber on the wheel grips are much thicker and comfier than the proto versions I tried out earlier. I think a pair of these Red wheels will make for a really tight small handheld rig. Due to the unique shape for manufacturing, these took a little longer to come out but definitely worth the wait.

RED WHEEL *for more Red Epic Eye Candy - check out my 500px gallery HERE. The Dragon sensor upgrade was first announced last NAB so we were left to speculate what the Dragon sensor would actually be. When the MX sensor upgrade happened, there was no bump in resolution. With Dragon, we get bump to 6k resolution, higher frame rates and a boost in dynamic range! 15+ plus stops. In a recent post, Jarred said they are seeing a 2 stop improvement so far over the MX sensor. I am assuming, over time this could even get better. Jim stated "The Dragon sensor is slightly larger than the Mysterium-X sensor and the pixel size is slightly smaller. Dragon has a sensor size of 30x15.8mm and pixel size of 5 micron." We are essentially getting a brand new camera for $6,000 dollars (pricing for Epic but Scarlet TBA). This should be exciting news for all Scarlet/Epic owners. Take a look at other camera companies like Canon who announced the C300 and now the C500. Is there any upgrade path for C300 owners? NO. A new announcement I am excited about is the + monitor module that gives the additional evf/lcd output we all need. I have been hanging on to my old 5.6 lcd so I can have the touchscreen for the operator and 5.6" for the camera assistant. In the pic above, we get a sneak peek of the new wireless module. Details on this unit are still scarce at the moment. BTW, the 9inch screen is a monster (in a good way!) when you see it in person. Super cool! You can check out all the newest NAB 2012 announcements on the Reduser forum. Next up, are some cool 3rd party stuff coming out that caught my eye during the show.

Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm T2.9

Fujinon Cabrio Lightweight zooms usually require two flavors. You usually need one zoom for the wide and one for the telephoto. The Fujinon Cabrio does pretty much the full range from 19mm all the way to 90mm. As a bonus it also comes with FIZ rocker which makes it the first cinema level lens with rocker most commonly used on those eng broadcast cameras with b4 mounts. When I talked to the Fujinon rep, he said he was shocked that they got massive preorders even before the NAB show. He was expecting that everyone would want to at least see it first. Reduser Evin Grant gives his take on the lens HERE. I shot a quick video of the rocker zoom action HERE. Super smooth!! The cool thing about the rocker is that you could theoretically hook it up to the Meizler module for full wireless controls of focus, iris and zoom. Epic + Meizler + Fujinon Cabrio would make for a very slick spaghetti free unit. Checkout Landmines coverage HERE.


Oconnor I have been in the market for a cinema grade follow focus to hit around the 2k mark and Oconnor definitely has the answer with their new Ofocus model. The Cff-1 is pictured above but I will do a full review next week of the Ofocus model. I was impressed enough that I got two Ofocus units to go with my kits. The industry standard has long been the Arri FF-4 but it costs 3500 and up for a starter kit. I needed something in the 2k range. None of the other offerings under 2k have the oomph needed to drive cinema lenses. You could pick up a used Chrosziel for around 2 grand these days, but it is used vs getting a brand new unit. Plus, I usually get my items off of ebay, so there is no way to test them out before hand. Their O-Box is also a winner as well. Very well constructed and rugged. On Reduser, I noticed that many of the rigs posted have O-boxes. Good stuff! Check out the REDUSER Oconnor thread discussion HERE and stay tuned for my upcoming review.


Mighty Cine Eng Rig by Adam Lubkin I often see many handheld rigs that end up being too front heavy. Adam's design here puts all the weight to the back and is designed to give you that ENG style balance on your shoulders. Adam said that he used the quad module as just a space holder until the Pro I/O comes out. There will be two versions. The full size version with 19mm baseplate you see pictured above, and another slimmer version that will have only the riser with 15mm light weight rod support. The rear battery module can extend back further if better counter balance is needed. If you are interested in one, you can join the wait list at: http://www.mightycine.com/ and discuss it on Reduser HERE.


Wooden camera had different hand held configurations on display at their booth. Reduser Ivan Agerton was diggin this shorty low-mode. You can't see the back of the rig in the pic above, but there is a brick battery in the back for the counter balance. If you need a simple sturdy rig, Wooden Camera's shoulder rigs may fit your needs. I have a rig which i will do a mini review of soon. For more configs check out their website.

Action Products - Innocinema

Action Products - Innocinema came with a slew of brand new accessories. The prototype handgrip you see above has a start/stop trigger built in as well as the ability to accomodate a Redmote mounted on it. Check out the Red forum discussion here.

Zeiss 70-200mm Zoom - $20,000

In the still lens world, the 70-200mm is a really attractive zoom range. Zeiss ups the game with a compact cinema version of the 70-200mm. I am looking forward to trying this when it is available.

mLOGIC mLINK R - Thunderbolt Expansion Enclosure for Red Rocket

My post about this enclosure is HERE. $699 introductory pricing until May 14th.
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