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Asia Red Epic Tour - Vietnam

Ted Shilowitz and Tonaci Tran Red Epic Interview
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Battle Of The Brides

Behind the scenes from the set of Victor Vu's "Battle Of The Brides" photo: model
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RED EPIC AND RED SCARLET BLOGThe latest scoop from the front line by Tonaci Tran


World's Highest Resolution Wedding Video Shot on Red Epic

Thanks to RED, the line between still photography and videography has been OBLITERATED. The wedding trailer you see above was shot entirely (99%) at 5K from 24fps all the way up 120fps. There was only one shot during the entire wedding where we went "down" to 2k to shoot 300fps of the water fountain. The fact that any frame in this entire video can be pulled as a 14 megapixel (5120x2160) hi res still that you can print a billboard size photo out of is MIND BLOWING. Read more

Downtown San Diego - Red Epic 5k @ 1fps Cloud Timelapse Teaser


La Jolla Cove - Red Epic @ 5K 120 FPS


Element Technica Atom 3D RED Epic Rig - Tour by Stephen Pizzo

Justin O'Neill and I shot a sneek peek video of the Atom Rig we posted a couple of weeks ago. Here, we get the full feature tour by the designer himself, Stephen Pizzo, co-founder along with Hector Ortega of Element Technica. This is a full run through of the many unique features of the Atom 3d rig. Important to note that Element Technica also makes the Pulsar which has the same basic form factor and is camera agnostic. The Atom, however, is co-developed with RED and is specifically designed for the Red Epic. There are alot of custom features explained in the video that show how streamlined the rig is for the Red Epic. After getting to handle it up close, I must say it is a gorgeous piece of machinery and the level of electronic integration it has is unmatched by any other rig I have seen. For further coverage of the full Element Technica line, please visit over the next couple of days as we will post up more 3d rig videos. Thanks for visiting. Please enjoy it for informational purposes. We apologize ahead of time for the shaky iphone 4 recordings. =)