Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" will be shot with 30 Red Epics in 3d!

Early this morning, Jim Jannard dropped the bomb on reduser.net with news that Peter Jackson's upcoming epic will be shot on EPIC. At least 30 Red Epics will be used to shoot Peter Jackson's two film adaptation of "The Hobbit." In another post, Jim mentioned how fast things have come along for RED. 5 years ago, Jim made the decision to make the camera. 3+ years ago it released. Now, one of the biggest films in history will be shot on RED. Mindblowingly amazing are not good enough adjectives to describe Jim's achievement. Current 3d rigs are massive. With these 3d Epic rigs, I would imagine that it will allow Peter Jackson to have the same mobility as if he were to shoot in 2d. With a massive film as big as "The Hobbit" going 3d and going RED, it definitely proves two things.. 3d isn't just a FAD anymore and RED ain't all just hype. SOURCE - Reduser.net
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