RED EPIC CAMERA 3D rig is confirmed shooting SPIDERMAN REBOOT

What an exciting time it has been the last couple of weeks for RED EPIC news. First was THE HOBBIT being announced to shoot on Epic in 3d, now we have confirmation that the RED EPIC is now currently being used to shoot the next Spider-Man film in 3d! According to IMDB, the film is still "Untitled Spider-Man Reboot." The Director of Photography, John Schwartzman, just confirmed on Reduser tonight that he had just completed the first day of shooting Spiderman with four Epics mounted on two 3ality TS-5 3d rigs. John was extremely pleased with the Red Epic's performance, stating that "We are shooting 2.40 at 5K, there wasn't a hiccup from the cameras all day, the data was flawless, and there was a lot of it." John also stated that it it weren't for the small size of the Red Epic "it would be impossible to move a 3D rig in the ways that THIS story demands." For this particular thread, Spider-Man was not mentioned although John did "HINT" that we all good figure it out. Then Jim made a Recon POST that confirmed that the Spiderman rumors were true! In John Schwartzman thread, I asked about the lens choices and he confirmed that ARRI Ultra Primes for their "light weight and excellent optics."
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