World's Highest Resolution Wedding Video Shot on Red Epic

The wedding trailer you see above was shot entirely (99%) at 5K, from 24fps all the way up 120fps. There was only one shot during the entire wedding where we went "down" to 2k, to shoot 300fps of the water fountain. The fact that any frame in this entire video can be pulled as a 14 megapixel (5120x2160) hi res still, that you can print a billboard size photo out of (example of what you can do with a Red One still), is MIND BLOWING. Just check out the stills below to see for yourself. I also uploaded R3d raw files and jpegs HERE. It is also intriguing that this is the very same camera that is currently being used by Peter Jackson to shoot "The Hobbit", and also will be used by James Cameron for his future movie.  A good friend of mine, Don Le, is a producer who has booked us for quite a few Red Epic commercial projects. Don is also an incredible still photographer, and was shooting a wedding during a weekend when we had two Red Epics available. This wedding was also covered by an additional Canon 5d but to clarify and confirm, the trailer above was cut 100% with all Epic footage. I was run-n-gun style shooting mostly handheld with primes on the Epic. My wife with Camera Assistant, David Tran, ran around on sticks with the second Epic (BTS shots below). Both of us shot and pulled our own focus. It was definitely an experience. The only thing I regret is not adjusting the shutter to get rid of the flicker (user error). =( In our lens arsenal, we had the Zeiss Mark I Super Speed Primes, Tokina 11-16mm and Angenieux Optimo 16-42. In post, my wife did all the editing in FCP and exported an EDL, which I then pulled into REDCINE for the color grade. This entire trailer was cut using all high speed footage out of personal preference for this particular piece (don't worry, we are not shooting everything slo-mo for every piece). Special thanks goes to Don Le of Bliss Imagery who set this all up, and of course the lovely couple, Jen and Paul, who were just incredible in front of the camera. So there you have it, a wedding captured in 5K ... hopefully more to come! =) BEHIND THE SCENES
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