Red Swat Rail LCD Arm Setup

I consider this the ULTIMATE lcd arm. Noga arms have kept me going for the past 4 years since I have been shooting on Reds, but I always wanted something even more robust and less prone to slumping over. Enter Red's line of SWAT RAIL ACCESSORY COMPONENTS. These pieces remind me of LEGOS. You can configure them to do pretty much anything you want. Using four components, I came up with a nice adjustable LCD arm set up utilizing the 1) SWAT RAIL CLAMP  , 2) DOGBONE A (OR JOGGED B  OR ARCHED C), 3) ACCESSORY ATTACHMENT BRACKET and 4) SWAT RAIL. In the pics below, there are two configurations using the "Straight" Dogbone A and "Jogged" Dogbone B. Both work and have their own advantages. I like how the straight dogbone is nice and compact. The jogged dogbone is longer and curves outward which allows for additional placement options. Below I have an example where the jogged curve allows for LCD placement to clear the left side of the mattebox and also totally clears the follow focus. Everything is "tool-less." Just untwist the knobs and you can quickly adjust on the fly.

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