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Tag: Red Scarlet X Footage


Red Scarlet X - First Review & Impressions Part I

I am currently a filmmaker and camera rental house co-owner (with my wife) of Tonaci Digital. To date, in the course of four years, Tonaci Digital has provided cameras and services for over 22 "Shot On Red" films. I personally have worked in the field on over 16 feature films in various capacities: as second Unit Director, Camera Operator, Digital Imaging Technician, and Red Camera Supervisor. Read more

Red Scarlet X Footage #003 - Faces (30 Seconds)


Red Scarlet X Footage #002 - San Diego Bay Cityscape (30 Seconds)


First public Scarlet X Footage - #001 - Botanical Garden (30 Seconds)

I am extremely proud to share that we are just days away from wrapping Vietnam's very first feature film shot with the Red Epic. My rental company provided the camera assistant/technician crew and cameras for the film. Much love goes to everyone involved in the production. The Red Epics performed remarkably well in the harsh humid conditions of Vietnam and we never had a camera overheat. Click on TITLE for full screen and BTS photos. Read more