December 9, 2022

Technology and Business

‘Demon geese of doom’ laid melon-size eggs in prehistoric Australia

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Scientists have in spite of everything solved a 41-year-old thriller concerning the historical eggshell of a giant extinct land hen with a demonic nickname.

In 1981, researchers in Australia came upon the charred stays of a large number of eggs from a number of cooking fires utilized by prehistoric folks some 50,000 years in the past. One of the eggs were recognized as emu eggs. However a number of outsized specimens belonged to a 2d, unknown hen. For years, scientists have debated the identification of this huge hen. However, given the scale and age of the eggs, through the years, two contenders seemed: Proguraa gaggle of enormous turkey-like birds, or genernisthat are every so often known as “demon geese of doom” because of their huge length and evolutionary courting to smaller waterfowl.

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